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MetaStock 11 is here. Twenty-seven years in the making, it includes more power, more features, and more tools for traders of all levels. It's time to take back the market. It's time for MetaStock 11.

New MetaStock Fundamental Analyzer

(*Exclusively Available in MetaStock Pro with QuoteCenter)

Technical analysis charting is a powerful tool, period. However in today's market, the more information you have about the companies you trade, the better. Armed with clean, reliable, and organized fundamental data, your trades are more informed and you are more confident.

With a few clicks of your mouse, the MetaStock Fundamental Analyzer lives up to its name by providing just about anything you could possibly need to know about US and select global markets. From PE Ratios and Earnings per share to Dividend Yield and Shares Outstanding, the list of fundamental data is comprehensive and categorized so you can go way beyond scratching the surface on a firm and determine if its stock is over or under valued.

MetaStock Fundamental Analyzer includes 5 powerful sections:

  • Fundamental Tab – View at a glance the exchange, Industry Sector, Market Cap, Avg. 21-Day Volume, 52-Week High and Low and much, much more.
  • Revenue Tab – Divided into two sections, this tab shows Quarterly and Annual Net Income Compared to Revenue including: Revenue, Net Income, and Percent fields for both the last 8 quarters and 4 years.
  • Performance Tab – Displays Annual earnings per share, Annual Dividends, Annual Growth Rate, and Percent Changes to S&P 500 over a variety of periods.
  • Estimates Tab – Displays EPS Quarterly Estimates and Total Revenue Quarterly Estimates going out 4 quarters, as well as EPS Annual Estimates and Total Revenue Annual Estimates going out 4 years.
  • Scanner Tab – perhaps the most unique feature of the MetaStock Fundamental Analyzer, this powerful tool allows you to search for companies based on a variety of fundamental criteria including: Minimum Price, Maximum Price, Minimum Average Volume, Minimum EPS, Minimum PE Ratio, Minimum Dividend Yield, and Minimum Beta. The results can then be sorted by Closing Price, Average Volume, EPS, Annual Dividend, PE Ratio, Beta, Company Name, Group, and Sector. You can even scan a list you created from the MetaStock Explorer and vice versa – it’s a great way to create a technical analysis/fundamental analysis workflow.


6 NEW Name Brand Systems

Adding to its already impressive arsenal of tools, MetaStock 11 includes 6 new industry standard systems which could easily be sold as separate plug-ins, but you get them free as part of MetaStock 11. They include:


  • Stochastic Pops Expert Advisor - combining a weekly Stochastics Oscillator for trend with a daily Stochastics for signals, this system avoids many of the whipsaw trades common to systems using just daily Stochastics.
  • Conners RSI Expert Advisor - based on formulas presented by Larry Conners and Ashton Dorkins, a 2-period RSI at extreme highs or lows is used for long and short entry signals.
  • Darvas Box - using extreme high and low conditions to form dynamic support and resistance levels, which are captured in the form of a "box," this system is great for uptrend breakout trading.
  • Turtle Trader®* (Hybrid) - based on the well-known and widely published Turtle System, this system generates buy signals when the price moves above the highest high of the last 20 days. Short signals are generated when the price moves below the lowest low of the last 20 days. Positions are closed when prices reach the extremes of the previous 10 days.
  • SPYDER Carpe Diem - designed to forecast a single day's movement of the S&P's 500 Depository Receipts (SPYDER) this system is based on a four-bar pattern that has shown predictive ability.
  • 1st Hour Breakout - 5 Minute Bars Expert Advisor (Only available in MetaStock Pro) – Working on the premise that the first hour of trading sets the tone for the rest of the day, this system signals any movement outside the first hour’s activity. It includes a stop loss set in the opposite direction also equal to the first hour of trading.


43 NEW Adaptive Indicators

Standard indicators use a fixed look back period, which makes them less responsive to prevailing market conditions. MetaStock 11 incorporates 43 NEW Adaptive Indicators with dynamic look-back functionality based on volatility, cycle, or a combination of both. This method provides the most responsive and accurate results.

6 NEW RMO Alerts

The Rahul Mohindar Oscillator (RMO) released in with MetaStock 10 has become one of the most popular features of MetaStock. MetaStock 11 offers 6 NEW alerts for the RMO, including: buy above high, sell below low, new blue bar, new red bar, entering bullish zone, and entering bearish zone.

2 NEW Stops

The best trading systems will fall short without a good exit strategy. MetaStock 11 Provides 2 NEW stops to help your system know when it's time to get out of the trade:


  • Intellistops - these self-adjusting trailing stops do away with the old static stop systems, which are set at a fixed percentage from price. Intellistops are adaptive and adjust dynamically based on the current price activity of the security. Intellistops adjust according to cycles, volatility, and other conditions.
  • Chandelier Stops - As the name indicates, Chandelier stops "hang" the sell stop from the extreme high reached over a predetermined period. When used properly, in tandem with other trading systems, Chandelier stops have been shown to produce profits even with randomly selected entries on a diversified group of futures.


17 NEW Indicators

MetaStock has always incorporated a very robust list of built-in indicators - in excess of 150 and counting. The 17 NEW indicators include the following: Coppock Curve, Darvas Box High, Darvas Box Low, Denvelopes, Donchian Channels, Elder Ray, Fisher Transformation, Gann Swing Bands, Inverse Fisher Transformation of RSI, Natenberg's Volatility, Polarized Fractal Efficiency, Pring KST (short, intermediate, and long-term), Stochastic RSI, Force Index, and Turtle Trader®* Bands.

4 NEW FOREX Currency Pair Systems

MetaStock employed the "3-V" approach (Velocity, Verticality, and Volatility) and the notion that balance between different types of indicators offers superior performance to develop the FOREX Currency Pair Systems. The pairs include EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF and USD/JPY.

*The names and logos for TurtleTrader®, and® are registered trademarks of Marylebone Holdings, Ltd. (d.b.a. TurtleTrader®) For more info see:


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