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Intellectual Property Rights

The principal of SAVE DOLLAR ENTERPRISES, INC. has intellectual property and other rights related to the MAGIC TRADER® / Forex Traders Advantage (FXTA) products & trainings (patents pending).  Any unauthorized use (including, but not limited to: copying of ideas in part or full; duplicating any part of MAGIC TRADER® / FXTA Products, MAGIC TRADER® / FXTA training material; managing others’ money using MAGIC TRADER® / FXTA; creating a signal service using MAGIC TRADER ®/ FXTA in any manner; recording; creating MAGIC TRADER® / FXTA educational classes, user groups, chat rooms, etc.; recording & distribution of MAGIC TRADER® / FXTA charts; any commercial application, whether for profit or not) will violate the intellectual property and other rights of the inventor, of SAVE DOLLAR ENTERPRISES INC, and other parties. The violator will be responsible for all legal fees, monetary damages and other penalties under U.S. and international law.

MAGIC TRADER® / FXTA Products are only licensed for use on currency trading and for Personal use only. Application of MAGIC TRADER® / FXTA Products or MAGIC TRADER® / FXTA services other than currencies including stocks, options or any other Market vehicles, without a permission will be a Violation of our Intellectual property rights. Ask Save Dollar Enterprises, Inc. for more details.


Patents Granted Details (24 claims):

FXTA: Patent No. 7,848,995 11/523,368 [FINANCIAL DECISION SYSTEMS]

Patent Pending Details:

FXTA: Serial No. 12/189,761 , PCT/US2008/072830 [FINANCIAL DECISION SYSTEMS]


Registered TradeMark: "Magic Trader" Reg. No. 3,759,148

Registered Service mark Details: "Magic Trader" Reg. No. 3,692,439

Registered Servicemark: "Magic Trader University" Logo Reg. No 3,859,534

Rev: 12/13/10


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