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FX Traders Advantage

FX Traders Advantage was developed by FOREX Traders for FOREX Traders. Important: You must have MetaStock 9.1 or higher to use this product.

$99.00 / month $79.00 / month 

$950.00 / year $760.00 / year 


AlphOmega Elliott Waves

Custom Metastock Experts, Indicators And Explorations

$299.00  $269.10 




Around the Horn by Adrian Manz

A simple and effective approach to trading, Dr. Adrian Manz has used these patterns to trade successfully for nearly a decade.

$299.00  $269.10 




Bollinger Band System

A reliable mechanical trading system based on Bollinger Bands

$299.00  $269.10 





Dr. Elders Trading Room

Use Dr. Elders techniques to trade the market

$299.00  $269.10 








ETS 2.0 Trading System

The Professional's Way To Time the Market

$299.00  $269.10 





Customized Market Breadth Analysis, External Relative Strength Analysis, Customized Indices for MetaStock, and much more.

$299.00  $269.10 




Adaptive Cycle Toolkit

Powerful, cutting-edge trading signals and strategies based on the digital signal processing research of John Ehlers

$399.00  $359.10 





ICE 2.6

With ICE 2.6, you can create and optimize your own trading systems with just a few mouse clicks – and NO formula writing or programming required 

$299.00  $269.10 



Jake Bernsteinís Setup and Timing Triggers

These systems give you crystal clear entry points, stop losses, and profit targets and are designed to work well with Stocks, Futures, and Forex

$399.00  $359.10 











JBL Risk Manager

Stock Trading Money Risk Management software. An easy step-by-step guide that keeps your emotions in check and removes the guesswork from your trading decisions. Trade-Position Sizing, Controls Risk, Stop Loss, Trailing Stop, Break even price and more are all calculated automatically. JBLRM monitors your performance with simple to follow reporting and tracks each trade easily as it integrates with your MetaStock data.

$299.00  $269.10 




Chart Pattern Recognition

Identify the most profitable chart patterns in seconds

$299.00  $269.10 




John Bollingers Bollinger Band Tool Kit

Unleash the Power of Bollinger Bands

$299.00  $269.10 





Nison's Candlesticks Unleashed

Capitalize on the fluctuating price movements of the market

$299.00  $269.10 





Performance Systems Plus
Time-tested systems shown to increase your probability for success

$299.00  $269.10 





PowerPivots Plus

Pinpoint the best time to get in a trade... and out!

$299.00  $269.10 




Price Headleys Big Trends Toolkit 2.0

The latest offering by the master of big trends

$499.00  $449.10 









Greg Capra's Pristine Method Pattern Scans

A Collection of Pristine Capital Management's Favorite Setups

$299.00  $269.10 




Red Rock Pattern Strategies

Scan for High-Probability Price and Time Patterns

$299.00  $269.10 



Starting Point by Joe Krutsinger

Perfect Starting Point for traders new to system trading.

$399.00  $359.10 







Tactical Trader Advanced Trading Strategies

Tactical Trader Advanced Trading Strategies offers THREE complete systems in ONE amazing package. Systems you can begin using today to improve your trades.

$399.00  $359.10 



Trade Oracle

The Next Level In Advanced Trading Systems

$699.00  $629.10 



Walter Bresserts ProfitTrader for MetaStock

ProfitTrader makes it easier than ever to trade with the trend, so you can buy bottoms & sell tops!

$950.00  $855.00 


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